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In this space, we provide everything you need to know when you book to stay in ALOIA NATURE Forest Lodging (‘ALOIA NATURE’), as well as the guidelines that all our guests have to respect so that your stay is fully satisfactory and becomes in an experience to repeat.

In any case, please, do not hesitate to contact us through any of the means we put at your disposal on this website, either because you want additional information to the one provided here, check availability, help during your booking process or, simply, that we orient you on some of our services. We are at your entire disposal.

These are, in particular, the issues that you should consider at all times:

A) BEFORE booking

1.- RATES. Seasons and updates. Payment methods

ALOIA NATURE rates vary depending on whether you book our cabins to visit us in ‘high season’, or you decide to stay in ALOIA NATURE outside of it. They include VAT
These are the dates on which our prices will be higher, because they correspond to high season:

  • Holy Week, bridges and Christmas, as well as the months of July and August.

Rate update Also, it is possible that our prices are updated with the passage of time. Therefore, do not forget to check them every time you make a booking at ALOIA NATURE.

Payment methods. We accept the payment of bookings by credit or debit card or by bank transfer, according to your convenience.

In any case, if you pay your booking (initial payment, 40% of the price) by transfer, we will require you to provide us with a debit card number as a guarantee, with the sole purpose that, only if you proceed to cancel the booking. your booking less than 7 days in advance, we can charge the corresponding amount (60%) on said card, as explained in the following section ‘2’ (‘Cancellation Policy’).

2.- Confirmation of bookings. modifications. Cancellations

When you book a cabin, your confirmation will require the payment of 40% of the total amount of the booking at the time you make it. Upon arrival at the accommodation, you must proceed to complete your full payment, paying, therefore, the remaining 60% of the price in question.

Modifications. Made a booking, in principle, the established conditions do not admit changes. However, whenever it is possible to access your request based on availability at any time, we will do our best to attend to it.

If, finally, we manage to process your request, we will send you a receipt of your booking (modified).

Cancellation policy. You can cancel your booking at any time, which will entail penalties, depending on the advance notice you give us with respect to the expected entry date.

In particular, if you communicate your intention to cancel:

  • With more than 15 days in advance: the full refund of the amount paid (40%) will be made when booking.
  • Between 15 and 7 days in advance: you will lose the amount paid when booking (40%).
  • Less than 7 days in advance: a charge will be made on the card provided that you have provided to cover 100% of the total amount of the booked accommodation. (Thus, initially paid 40%, the remaining 60% will be charged to the customer).

Once you have started your reserved stay, if you leave the accommodation in advance, you will not be entitled to a refund of the amount paid for your booking.

3.- STAY TIME: entry and exit times (at the beginning and end of the stay)

In order that your cabin can be ready when we receive you in ALOIA NATURE and for next guests, we establish the following schedules (*):

  • Entry (initial day of booking): from 16.00 h. (*)
  • Departure (last day of stay): 12.00 h., Maximum. [*]

(*) You can enter later, without problem. In any case, if your arrival was later than 8:00 pm, you must notify us, please.

[*] The day you leave your accommodation (departure), you must leave the cabin in the same conditions in which we put it at your disposal (perfect condition), except in regard to cleaning (renewal of linen) and self-conditioning of the accommodation, which will take place as specified in section ‘5.3’ below.

(*) In any case, if you need to alter the advertised hours, do not hesitate to contact us before making your booking if, exceptionally, we could accommodate your needs.

4.- Reception: operation

Since we do not have permanent reception, you must contact the accommodation to coordinate the delivery of keys to the reserved cabin and inform us of the approximate time of your arrival.

Similarly, for any incident during your stay, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 612.55.41.09.

5.- OUR CABINS: features and services. Restrictions on use

On the website of ALOIA NATURE, you will be able to know how each of the cabins that ALOIA NATURE offers is, by means of photos, as well as through a detailed description referred to the number of places it admits, how it is equipped and what rates correspond to it ( VAT included) depending on the season for which you are interested in booking accommodation.


In ALOIA NATURE we offer you two modalities of cabins: the ‘‘studio cabins’ and ‘‘elevated cabins’.

  • The ‘studio cabins’’. We have 3, with capacity for 5 people.
  • The ‘‘elevated cabins’. . It consists of 3 very special cabins, which are suspended in the air, with capacity for 2 people and a child and wood burning fireplace with which you can enjoy natural fire, not being allowed to use any other type of fuel. (For the use of the fireplace, you will have a firewood kit, with an additional cost of € 9).

In particular, among the ‘elevated cabins’, we offer you our exclusive cabin ‘SUITE’ (named ‘Fervenza’), the only one that has a jacuzzi (*).

(*)   Upon arrival, we will provide your instructions for use. In any case, we anticipate that it is forbidden to use petals or other elements that may obstruct the jets.


Each cabin of ALOIA NATURE is equipped with a kitchen(*) with the basic elements (fridge, microwave, coffee maker, glassware, cutlery, crockery, a pot and a small pan) and internet access.

(*) In any case, please do not cook chips that release gases and odors to prevent them from being impregnated in the wood.

Also, all cabins have air conditioning elements whose instructions will be provided by our staff.

In the bathroom you will not miss anything either. You will have gel, shampoo, bath salts, hair dryer, toilet paper and a set of towels.

Baby crib. If you need it, ask us. We provide one for free. In any case, keep in mind we have limited units, being subject to availability, which implies that we can not guarantee you have one available for you.


Housekeeping. The cleaning of your cabin will be carried out daily, although the change of bed linen and towels will take place with a greater frequency during the duration of the stay.

  • Hours: from 12.00 h. at 2:00 p.m. However, when you do not want them to come to clean your room, just hang on the outside handle of the door of your cabin the sign that you will find hanging on the inner handle, and nobody will bother you that day.
  • It is excluded from the cleaning service, the washing of kitchenware items (cutlery, glassware and crockery), which corresponds to the guest, at whose disposal you will find detergent and utensils for this purpose in the kitchen of each cabin.

Allergen information. Regarding regulation #1169/2011 about allergen information:
Aloia Nature inform its clients that the breakfast offered in our establishment could contain: gluten, dairy, egg and nuts. If you need products free of those allergens, please, tell the personel in advance so we can offer you an adapted breakfast.


For reasons of safety and to preserve the good condition of the cabins of ALOIA NATURE, we contemplate a series of limitations, according to which it is not allowed:

  • Occupy the cabins for a number of people (adults / children) higher than indicated for each cabin. If this situation occurs, these people must leave the accommodation.
  • Smoking inside the cabins. In case of smoking outside, the guest must make sure that the cigarette ends are well extinguished before throwing them in the garbage due to the risk of fire.
  • Pet accommodation.
  • Light candles, incense or any other type of flame inside the cabins.


Water rationalization. Water resources are increasingly scarce. Use it responsibly, please. Use only the one you need to enjoy a comfortable stay, but do not waste the one you do not need.

Heating. Do not use the heating with the windows open, please. Wasting thermal energy is harmful to the environment.

Use of toilet. Do not use the toilet as a waste disposal system. Use the double flush mechanism of the tank correctly, please.

Waste. Please make proper use of waste sorting bins.


The cabins of ALOIA NATURE are located in a quiet and relaxing environment, nestled in the Natural Park of Monte Aloia. In such consideration, annoying or noisy activities are not allowed, such as:

  • Music or noise from 00:00, outside.
  • Parties, celebrations, etc., except prior authorization of the accommodation.

8.- Liability for damages

Guests are responsible for the cabins with all their content and the return in perfect condition at the end of the stay.

The payment of the damages that, due to negligence or misuse, could have been caused, will be borne by the guests, who will have to inform of them as soon as possible, , in order to avoid that they may aggravate or generate damage to other guests.

B) DURING the booking process

Booking a cabin on the ALOIA NATURE website is very simple, although you can also make your booking request by phone, or by writing to

In any case, remember that you will be accepting the present legal terms as soon as you make your booking.

We tell you how to book your stay below:

  • Visualize and compare. Look at the photos of our cabins, know them and choose the one you like best and adapt to your preferences, considering their capacity and other characteristics.
  • Choose. Go to the ‘bookings’ section and select the dates for which you are interested in booking your cabin in ALOIA NATURE. In an instant, we will show you the cabins that are available for the days you have indicated. It’s time for you to choose the option you want.
  • Booking. Select your cabin by clicking the ‘reserve’ button, the system will redirect you to a page where you will have to provide the personal data that will identify you as a guest, being necessary to provide, at least, those marked with an asterisk (mandatory). Next, check the section ‘data protection’ and the one relating to ‘conditions’ of your booking; If you agree, accept both sections by checking the corresponding box, and click on the ‘reserve’ button again.
  • Payment and confirmation. Finally, we will proceed to require the payment of your booking. Once this is done, we will send you an email confirming it for your record.


If you have any questions about your booking, you need help to complete the telematic booking process or, as we have indicated at the beginning of these conditions, you want additional information to the one provided here, check availability or, simply, that we orient you on any of our services, remember we are available to you by telephone (+34 612.55.41.09), by e-mail ( or through the ‘contact’ form that we have created specifically to answer your questions at any time.

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