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If you wish, you can complement your stay with other services we offer you.

Separador titulos


Consult us at
or by calling (+34) 612 55 41 09


  • 2x Bottles 220ml orange juice
  • 2x Bottles 220ml milk
  • 1x Cut fruit
  • 1x Banana and Chocolate Pie
  • 1x Apple Pie
  • 1x Cheese Pie
  • 2x Slices of toasted seed bread
  • 1x Grated tomato with oil
  • 1x Honey from local producers
  • 1x Tube of butter
  • 1x Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 2x Homemade curd
  • Coffee, decaffeinated, tea and Nesquik capsules
  • Semi-skimmed, soy and lactose-free milk
Price € 9 / person
** Minimum service 2 persons

Electric bikes

  • Type: E-Bike 25Km/h
  • Usage: Rigid electric MTB
  • Wheel: 29 inches
  • Weight: 22,4 Kg
  • Permissible total weight: 140 Kg
  • Autonomy: 45-100 Km
  • Number of gears: 9
Rent € 35 / day


€ 30 / half-hour
€ 50 / hour


Price € 9


Price € 9
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